Zihuantanejo-Ixtpa Page 2 Around the Town

Just off the beach there are various levels of dining and shopping. While here, Linzi and Heather rented a kayak to explore the bay for a very reasonable rate. The proprietor was from San Francisco. When they returned from the vessel he gave them a moped tour of the city. If you are going there you may consider reserving your fun ahead of time. This is the web link. FUN4RENTMEXICO. Shopping here is basically no haggle. The prices are what you would finally get in Acapulco so the games do not need to come into play. I found some interesting things to photograph while walking around this town. There are several parks with beautiful birds chirping in the trees. A cement vaulted canal prevents flooding in town. The walkways are very uneven. Only in recent times has there been a small roadway bridge over it.

Zihuantanejo hibiscus in front of a store.

An upscale outdoor dining area two blocks from downtown.

Olson's "bug fleet" would be serviced alfresco in Zihantanejo.