Mananillo, Colima and Comala Pages
We arrived in Manzanillo at the break of dawn. Manzanillo is a major import- export area for Mexico. From this industrial setting,Sue and Pat took a colonial excursion to Colima and Comala, 1500 feet above sea level and an hour and a half drive from Manzanillo on the Mexican Coast. In Colima we visited the museum that contained a large number of terra cotta figures. We stopped and looked at the pyrmaids and were successful in getting the 14,000 foot volcano to spew some steam. Comala is a tiny former Colonial town that time has not much changed except for a shiny new escalade truck from California.

Colima is the third oldest city. in Mexico. The two founded before were Vera Cruz and Mexico City.

Comala, as explained by our guide, is one of the 6 mystic cities of Mexico.