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After 3 days and nights on Carnival's Spirit, many of the passengers went topside to get a view of Acapulco's Harbor. The outside temperature was 93 degrees with a 5 mile an hour breeze.

Acapulco is a very large city. It has well over 2 million people. We arrived at 11:30 am and left at 2:00am . For some, that wasn't enough time!

Sue enjoyed some extra time to relax on board. Linzi and Pat headed over to the museum across the road from the ship's dock. We were immediately pitched by about 50 union taxi drivers willing to take us all over the city. We held fast to our plans but scummed to a taxi driver who offered to stop traffic and get us over to the museum. He then offered to take us where we wanted to go after the museum.

He led us up the side of the old fort San Diego and waited for us to experience the museum . It was quite a climb with huge hand -hewn stone steps. His relative "Andy" was introduced as our driver when we finished the museum. We booked him for one hour for 25 dollars.

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