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Acapulco's Fort San Diego Museum Page 1

Fort San Diego was built to protect Acapulco from the pirates. It is located on a rocky moat -surrounded hill facing the harbor. It is star shaped. A great little museum is located in the fort today. Linzi and I explored it.

diarama of Fort San Diego Acapulco
Exhit in the gound
royal choach of the kind of Netherlands

The European influence in Mexico is demonstrated thoughout this museum. Acapulco was a vital link of Spain and other European countries to their colonies in China and the Philippines. This coach was made for the king of the Netherlands for use in Mexico. Very fine pieces of table pieces from around the world are displayed in this museum. There are also interesting terra cotta and stone carvings from places in Mexico in some exhibits.

Many of the exits are protected under glass sheets that museum patrons walk over. That way the humidity could be maintained.

Ancient Mexican Stone Carvings