Linzi Photos Home

  • Linzi's Page 1: Skyline of Cabo, the interior of the ship at Christmas. There are also photos of the Mazatlan exursion.
  • Linzi's Page 2 : Mazatlan excursion and the furniture factory.
  • Linzi's Page 3 : Covers the disembarcation at Cabo San Lucas.
  • Linzi;s Page 4: Church at Puerto Vallarta and the Tequila tour
  • Linzi Page 5: The champagne bar and staff, cooking demo, Mom and Dad on the formal night
  • Linzi Page 6: Puerto Vallarta friends,Maecron, Courtney and Kim, sister with a wine glass.
  • Linzi Page 7: Aunt Kelly, swan, Moss and Mosh, Bingo
  • Linzi Page 8: Moss and Mosh, and mom and Dad in chili pepper shirts.