Vision of the Seas is a beautiful ship. Floating the waters to Mexico in the winter, it often does Alaskan Summers. Our trip was seven days in length.

We left Los Angeles at 5 PM. For the next day and evening the ship continued down the coastline of Baja California to reach Cabo San Lucas in the early morning. The weather in Cabo San Lucas and the other Mexican ports we visited was Spring warm and pleasant The air temperature was in the high 70's during the day with a very nice breeze. This brought many passengers to the deck and allowed others to pursue the pleasures of deck walking and overall relaxation.

Many passengers stayed on board and enjoyed the pleasent weather and the wonders of the ship.

Heather and Linzi went ashore, boarding tenders. The watercraft and parasailers were having a great time flying around these ships.

The solarium provides beautiful indoor swimming as well as a pizza/ burger snack bar.
The hills of Cabo San Lucas could be seen as a backdrop to the sun bathers by the pool on the 9th deck. Throughout much of the trip a Calypso band played from the area behind the big metal sculpture on this deck.
The Viking deck/observatory is the ship's highest point of reference. Its huge glass windows allowed for an interesting venue for the disco activities in the evening.

Coming home from Mexico we met with 8 to 12 foot swells. The air got cooler and there were far fewer people on the decks sunbathing and enjoying the pool than in these photos.