Menu Pages

Food is a major attraction to Cruising. The success of feeding the large numbers of passengers efficiently and elegantly is a major challenge of the ship's staff. Christmas dinner provides even more pressure as there are passengers that need to have certain choices for Christmas to validate another year.

In these pages the Christmas dinner menu for Vision of the Seas 2003 will be shown. It was handed to each passenger in a beautiful keepsake folder. Menus are not usually presented in such a beautiful manner.

Most dinner meals take upwards to two hours to complete. This allows for a more relaxed dinner and plenty of time for dinner conversation. Our dinner started every evening at 8:30. We had the late sitting. The people with kids or older passengers usually choose the early sitting.

This dinner began as all dinners with the appetizer menu It also has the choices for salads and soups. The choices are also made at that time for the entree on the Entree Menu. When all of these courses are completed a dessert menu is provided.