Sitka Page 1 Eagles and Dancers

Our guide wore a Russian tunic covered with friendship pins. We got ready to see the dancers.
This Sitka folkloric dance group, the New Archangel Dancers, is composed of volunteer community women. Women play the men as well as the women roles in the Russian dances. Every year hire a Russian choreographer to teach them new dances and vouch for their authenticity. During the winter months they tour the lower 48 states performing their dances. They performed 6 dances for our tour group. They have over 30 dances in their repertory.
We went to the eagle rehab center and met Volta. Volta is a bald eagle that was injured by an power transmission wire. The handler keeps careful watch over his body language. When he had enough of this display he began to stretch his wings. His handler got him out of the room. Other eagles and raptors are allowed to rehabilitate from their injuries in the room where minimal human contact is permitted. This helps them get back into the wild.