Photos of the Regal Princess page 3 activities

The ceramic kiosk is open! People gathered to enjoy the music in the atrium.
Sue checks out the menu for the night at the Palm Court. The ship staff fixed up our anniversary door design.
Many activities were available on ship. Team trivia is played everywhere. There are ping pong tournaments and golf putting. Gamblers get into horse racing from dice throws to bingo. We enjoyed the ability to make some ceramic projects on ship using their kiln. Passengers bought mugs and plates and boxes and are welcome to use the ceramic paints to paint them. Needlepoint kits were also available at a very reasonable cost.

Very few people used the swimming pools or the hot tubs aboard ship.. It was took cold. Many movies were shown in the movie theatre.. free of course. Most were pay per view vintage. The next day they were shown on the TV in the rooms.

A crafts lady from Oklahoma was also on board. She had a new craft in a plastic bag for each day we were at sea. We made star beads, Victorian paper embroidery, paper necklaces, and beaded chili peppers. These were free classes and she brought all of the materials. The princess semester had demos and demonstrations. Pat went to the galley tour and the backstage tour.

We enjoyed eating at the palm court with our San Francisco table mates. We had a celebration of our anniversary on the second night out. They put balloons on our door and presented us with a fancy desert at dinner and sang to us as well. Happy Ann ooo ver sorry to you.. etc.

For more relaxed fare, the piano music in the atrium was always great. It was also the home of the champagne glass tower and balloon drop.

We were on the pursers floor . Just 20 feet from our door was an alcohol and coffee bar. Sue was fond of the frozen mocha latte. She claimed it was better than the Starbucks frappaccino. In many venues our 25 dollar soda sticker worked wonders. A passenger possessing the sticker could get a soda instead without charge to the account instead of having an alcohol drink billed to your account. The beverage vendors tried to hide their disdain for these stickers since they would not get the 15% tip the was billed for delivery of an alcoholic or fancy drink. Billable beverages were reasonable. A fancy peach margarita was $5.95. Beer was a couple of bucks and a soda, not on the card was $1.50.